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"I love stories. . . I grew up day dreaming, scribbling in notebooks. Drawings became poems. Poems turned into short stories & monologues. Plays turned into screenplays. Conversations turned into podcasts. Improvisations turned into full-length movies. . . Day dreams continue.
Since 2003, I've produced and/or directed NYC stage productions : Stephen Belber's Tape, Conor McPherson's Rum & Vodka, and Harold Pinter's prescient One for the Road - created & directed new plays with incredible actors : Flying Lesson (with Stephanie Fieger)  and Jesse Garon Lives (with Angelique Cabral & Kit Wannen) - for four years, I produced & co-hosted irreverent football podcast, The Buckeye Brothers (with my C-bus bestie, Deezus Coss) - created two short films with Nick Ordway (Junction Party Tricks) - and in 2013, I co-created & directed indie comedy feature The Weekend with Sunnyside Films, distributed by FilmBuff & featured on PBS' Saturday Night at the Movies : the ensemble features beloved New York actors, including Carson Elrod, Heather Lind & Amber Gray.
This year under the Circle 7 moniker, I'll be producing & narrating a series of audiobooks, They Called Me Doc (powerful Vietnam memoir by corpsman Larry Miller), The Last Book You'll Ever Read (delicious horror stories), Unbox Yourself (self-dev, Dr. Christian Hahn), Escape: A New Life (remote-island thriller), The Jersey (emotional sports drama), What's Yours is Mine (gripping crime fiction), Ghost Platoon (high-octane military thriller), Auger & Augment (fantasy series), and Red Mountain (romantic drama trilogy). 
Circle 7 Productions embraces the power of teamwork, signified by the strength of a circle & the magical, mythical number 7. . .  Thanks for joining our circle."       
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