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As writer, director & producer, I always hope to create fresh, funny, authentic, powerful, personal (& political) content for theater, television, film & new media.
Since moving to New York in 1996, I've produced and/or directed full stagings of timely work including Stephen Belber's Tape, Conor McPherson's Rum & Vodka, and Harold Pinter's painfully prescient One for the Road - created & directed powerful plays Flying Lesson & Jesse Garon Lives - produced & co-hosted popular college football podcast, The Buckeye Brothers - co-created short films Junction Party Tricks with Nick Ordway - co-created, co-produced & directed 2013 indie comedy feature The Weekend with Sunnyside Films, which was distributed by FilmBuff & soon featured on PBS' Saturday Night at the Movies - while recently scripting thrilling spec pilots Bridgeport and Red Springs (with Peter Cambor), The Big Crush, Bob in the Spotlight, Broken Up, The Dixie Hemingway Murder Mysteries (based on Grandma Blaize's beloved cozy series), and continuing to develop new projects including a provocative sketch comedy on growing up in America, Slow Children.
In the fall of 2019, I'll be producing & narrating a series of audiobooks, including They Called Me Doc (powerful & hilarious Vietnam memoir from Corpsman Larry C Miller), The Last Book You'll Ever Read (fantastic horror stories), Unbox Yourself (inspiring self-dev from Dr. Christian Hahn), Escape (A New Life) (audacious & sexy remote-island thriller), The Jersey (moving tale of a grieving father coaching soccer), What's Yours is Mine (gripping crime drama from author Renee Pawlish, Ghost Platoon (war story in Afghanistan), and my own take on Walt Whitman's classic"Song of Myself".
Circle 7 Productions embraces the power of teamwork, signified in mythology by the strength of a circle & the magical properties of "7".  In numerology, 7 is the seeker - the searcher of truths - one who sees reality behind the illusion.  Our mission is to bring collaborative, truth- seeking, magical stories to audiences around the world.  Thanks for joining our circle. . . 
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