Truth, Techniques & Consultation on the Craft - and CAREER - of Being an Actor.

For aspiring artists (and their families), 

Acting (Actually) offers highly trained, experienced coaches - all around the country - who will truly prepare you for the lifelong challenges of finding success in The Industry.  From booking first gigs to hiring (and firing) your agent - from budgeting your life to saving your soul - THIS is what every actor wishes they knew when the whole journey began. . . 


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From NYU, Yale & Juilliard to UCSD, Brown, SCAD, DePaul, Miami U, Pace, Boston U, Carnegie Mellon or NC School of the Arts - 

for most young actors, the path begins when you're accepted to an elite program.

'Getting In' requires rigorous prep, a big heart - and professional guidance.  Quality coaching takes your work to another level - and helps you realize your dream.

Pick the right material - connect to YOUR charisma & courage - & shine your light!


                Audition season ahead!

dig your
(TV) drama

Congratulations, you're out of school! 

But. . . how do you book a TV co-star?

Guest star?  How to nail that producer session?  And once you get your first episode, how do you succeed ON SET?

Most actors graduate, then hit the wall. Don't let it happen to you - immerse yourself in the world of procedurals, archetypes, interrogation scenes, and how to dig into YOUR drama to find success in the world of primetime TV. . .     (Note: These jobs get you PAID!)

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surfing shakespeare

At its best, acting Shakespeare feels like surfing - we balance on the sturdy rhythm of his incredible language & the music of pentameter - and fall forward - riding the bottomless, infinite wave of the universal subconscious - humanity writ large. But if we can't get on the board. . . we drown!

(And so does the audience!)

Fear of falling stops many of us from trying - but tricks to get 'on top' of the Bard's brilliant, complex word-play aren't as hard as we may think. In this revolutionary class, Brian Avers unlocks the mysteries, inspiring your TRUE potential for climbing the summit of drama,  and discovering the extraordinary rush. . . of Surfing Shakespeare.

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virtual  voiceover

Commercial VO : national, regional, new media.

Animation : cartoons, video games & more.

Promo - networks, specials, movies & more.

Doc/Narration - reality TV, corporate & more.

Political - single candidates, whole movements.

Audiobooks - a new world of home production.

We never learn this stuff in acting school - but VO is a huge engine of our industry - many moving parts, yet many opportunities to pay bills and find a foothold in the business - especially for recent graduates who want to use some of that training!  Learn pro-level short-cuts and fundamental techniques that truly BOOK in each format - and soon your voice will be 'virtually' everywhere.

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I want to help illuminate everything I wish I'd known when I was 17. . . and 21. . . and 27. . . and 37, for that matter. . . on how to thrive in the lifelong pursuit of Being an Actor.