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"When I was living in New York, I received an audition for a play called Beast on the Moon. The sides were complicated and called for a vulnerability that had not yet been demanded of me in my work. I called Brian, and his help was incredible: his script analysis, technical savvy, and most importantly his understanding of humanity. We worked thoroughly, leaving no stone unturned. I got the part. It was the most important piece of theater I've ever been blessed to participate in... Brian Avers is the JAM!"

LENA GEORGAS                             

(Dirty John, Westworld, Kingdom Hospital)

“Brian Avers is the man. Enough said! He’s laid back, a very supportive style, and knows what you need to elevate your best qualities as a human, and as an actor. I love going to him anytime I need to spruce up an audition last minute. He’s one of the most honest guys in the business, and he can tackle any genre. I'm grateful to call him a colleague and most of all, a friend!"


(The Horror of Dolores Roach, New Amsterdam


"From large-group presentations, to our investor pitch, to mediating hard conversations... it's hard for me overstate how much I value Brian's POV."

SVP Yotpo, CPO MyHeritage, VP Products NSO & SelectMinds

"Brian's insights are consistently thrilling. Fast, funny and uniquely brilliant, but also a caring person who loves helping people succeed."

Co-Founder (over $100M raised)


"I've worked with Brian numerous times on auditions and every time I walk away excited and confident. He's an expert at helping actors make strong choices and preparing specific, inspired work. Recently I worked with him on a Shakespeare audition for a major New York theater - and I booked the job. Brian's a master with text and audition technique, and he knows how to get the very best out of actors!"                          


(A Free Man of Color, Love’s Labours Lost)   

"A mentor connected me with Brian when I was trying to figure out my next steps & considering grad school (BA & I both studied at Marymount Manhattan College and continued to NYU MFA).  Brian had a wealth of knowledge when it came to the inner workings of the industry and he held nothing back in sharing his experiences. If you’re looking to figure out your next steps or further your training, I definitely recommend giving BA a call. He’s on top of the daily game, but also massively talented, smart, and most importantly, he cares about young actors. I’m proud to call him a friend."

RONALD EMILE  (NYU MFA Class of 2019)


"It is a privilege to get coaching from someone who performs at the level that he teaches. Brian's perspective is born from a spot-on, real-world, current understanding of how to deliver a standout audition. I know few people so articulate and in tune with what an actor needs to be at his best. Brian has a gift for teaching and will empower you to compete in this industry like only the best of the best can - and trust me, I've worked with a lot of coaches!"



(Weeds, NCIS, How I Met Your Mother)                        

"I loved my session with Brian today. And I don't use those words lightly."

VP Product Management, OpenAgent

"Great pitch session with Brian! Super helpful, everyone needs this. Wow!"

Former COO, SimilarWeb & Seeking Alpha

"Brian, this work was awesome... and eye-opening. Thanks!"

COO & Co-Founder, Yotpo

"Invaluable feedback, this help was so important. I'd recommend Brian to anyone!"

Co-founder, CEO, UrbanLeap


"As director of nonprofit arts organization Kids Creative Collective, I've had Brian come in as a guest teacher for our youth programs, which serve children & teenagers across NYC. I can attest to his tremendous talent, his extraordinary ability at communicating fundamentals of acting, and his profound desire to bring the best out of performing artists of every age and background. As gifted as Brian is as a performer, he is the rare teacher who communicates not only techniques of acting & the myriad realities of our business, he brings you closer to the essential soulfulness of an actor's calling... Brian's truly an excellent teacher."


(Rescue Me, Gossip Girl, Artistic Director of Kids Creative Collective)

"Brian has been an invaluable resource for me in developing, and deepening my work. He's an articulate, intelligent director, always encouraging me to nurture my own instincts towards the characters I explore. A highly accomplished and nuanced actor himself, any relationship with Brian as a coach will carry into the professional world as loyal teacher, collaborator, and friend."


(Boardwalk Empire, TURN, Merchant of Venice


"The craft of acting is too often obscured in mystery and misunderstandings, and the actor rarely knows where to begin. Brian Avers teaches you to 'find where the work is'. Years after working with him, I still remember all of the principals he passed on, including awareness of your body, how to strike the unique balance between yourself as an actor and the character as defined by the text. Brian shows you how to leave no stone unturned; you're in capable hands and you stop second-guessing your work - so important if you are to achieve confidence going into auditions (and performance!). He has practical expertise (probably the finest actor I have ever known), and a real understanding of what auditors are looking for, whether it's theater, film, or training programs."                  


(Camelot, Pirates of Penzance, Executive Director of Gilbert & Sullivan Players)

"Brian is a great teacher. He makes you comfortable from the start so you can focus on learning.

We're focused on audiobook narration, and I’m really enjoying working with him - 5 STARS!"


"Brian pulled back the curtain on the craft of acting for me, someone coming to the profession with interest and excitement, but no experience. After one session, I understood how I might become an actor. The day after our first session, I got an audition for a film; Brian took me through developing the character, analyzing the script, crafting my performance, knowing what to expect at the audition and (I got the part!) on set. His experienced coaching, supportive approach, and nudging me outside of myself a bit made all the difference... 5 STARS!"


"Brian is the man I go to when I want to knock it out of the park. His experience as a working actor and genuine artist have given him a keen eye and and honest perspective, but his natural insight into human nature is what makes him a fantastic coach. When working together, the time is focused and direct, but light hearted and free. I always walk away feeling I've explored my impulses and ideas, and others I never would have dreamed of, if it weren't for Brian and his imagination. I can honestly say that I have grown significantly as an actor by working with him. You would be lucky to have Brian in your corner."       


(MacBeth, Boeing Boeing, Saint Joan)


"Brian is one of the most gifted artists I know - as an actor, writer and director his talents coalesce to make him a remarkable coach. His work is deep, grounded and relentlessly specific. Through practical exercises ranging from vocal work to text analysis Brian helps his actors to identify their intentions and translate them into honest and impacting performances. If you're looking for a coach that offers an effective, holistic approach to the elusive craft of acting - you're looking for Brian Avers."


(Helen Hayes Winner for Best Actor, Hamlet)

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