Brian's written for stage, film, television & new media, including indie comedy The Weekendcreated with a fantastic ensemble - new plays 

Jesse Garon Lives Flying Lesson - short films Junction & Party Tricks - and screenplays in development, including revenge thriller Red Springs, and Bridgeport, a procedural (both co-written with Peter Cambor) - 

The Big Crush, a dramedy about love and death in Las Vegas - 

Slow Children, provocative sketch comedy about growing up in America - 

Bob in the Spotlight, comic musical about a family of male danseurs - 

and The Dixie Hemingway Murder Mysteries, based on the beloved

cozy series by Blaize & John Clement, MacMillan Press.


Under the desk, non-fiction gathers: 

Acting (Actually): Craft & Career, 

For the Record (Greatest Rock Bands), 

and a memoirAvoiding Death (aka The Glory Years).

More to be revealed.