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Drawing on 20 years as a stage, screen and voice actor in NYC and LA, I've delighted in helping actors develop their skills, get into prestigious schools, book life-changing gigs, and learn the fundamentals of craft & career - while increasingly working with entrepreneurs & business leaders on the art of communicating with confidence and charisma . . . 

Recently, I co-founded Acting (Actually), a service that connects aspiring artists with outstanding teachers & mentors around the country. And, with innovative CEOs & company founders, I've developed a process on how to quickly enhance & perfect the tools of storytelling & connection - in 1:1 conversations, public presentations, and pitching to investors. 

I love to unify enthusiasm w/ conviction, specificity w/ ease, and language w/ action - helping individuals & organizations realize their dreams.      

Contact me directly with questions, or to schedule a chat ...

Let's tell a great story!

Brian Avers

"Brian's insights are consistently thrilling... Fast, funny and uniquely brilliant, but also a caring person who loves helping people succeed."

Co-Founder (over $100M raised)

"From large-group presentations, to our investor pitch, to mediating hard conversations - it's hard to overstate how much I value Brian's POV."

SVP Yotpo, CPO MyHeritage, VP Products NSO & SelectMinds

"I loved my session with Brian today. And I don't use those words lightly."

VP Product Management, OpenAgent

"Brian's elevates your best qualities - as a human & as an actor. I love going to him anytime I need to spruce up an audition. He’s one of the most honest guys in the business, and he can tackle any genre. He's the man!"

Alejandro Hernandez (The Horror of Dolores Roach, New Amsterdam, Instinct)

"In New York, I had an audition for a play; the sides were complicated and called for vulnerability that had not yet been demanded of me. I called Brian, and his help was incredible: his script analysis, technical savvy, and most importantly his understanding of humanity. We worked thoroughly, leaving no stone unturned - I got the part; it was the most important piece of theater I've ever been blessed to participate in... Brian Avers is the JAM!"

Lena Georgas (Dirty John, Westworld, Kingdom Hospital)

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