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Female Performer


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"Brian's insights are consistently thrilling... Fast, funny and uniquely brilliant, but also a caring person who loves helping people succeed."

Co-Founder (over $100M raised)

"From group presentations, to our investor pitch, to mediating hard conversations - it's hard to overstate how much I value Brian's POV."

SVP Yotpo, CPO MyHeritage, VP Products NSO & SelectMinds

"I loved my session with Brian today. I don't use those words lightly."

VP Product Management, OpenAgent

"Brian's elevates your best qualities as a human & as an actor. I love going to him anytime I need to spruce up an audition. He’s one of the most honest guys in the business, and he can tackle any genre. "

Alejandro Hernandez (The Horror of Dolores Roach, New Amsterdam, Instinct)

"In New York, I had an audition for a play; the sides were complicated and called for vulnerability that had not yet been demanded of me. I called Brian, and his help was incredible: his script analysis, technical savvy, and his understanding of humanity. We worked thoroughly, I got the part; it was the most important piece of theater I've ever been blessed to participate in... Brian Avers is the JAM!"

Lena Georgas (Dirty John, Westworld, Kingdom Hospital)

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